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Hazelwood Central High School Guidance Department

The HCHS Guidance Office Welcomes You


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The Guidance Department at Hazelwood Central offers a variety of services which include assisting each student in his/her continued developmental, educational, and vocational growth.  The student receives information about developing positive self-concepts and interpersonal skills as well as assistance in planning and adjusting his/her classes.  The student also gains information about careers and receives assistance in seeking financial aid and scholarships for his/her post-secondary education.  

Homework Requests: If a student has been or will be absent for more than 2-3 days or if they have been suspended out of school, it is the STUDENT'S responsibility to request homework from the teachers.  To request homework, please call 953-5203 and leave each teacher a voice mail requesting homework be brought down to the Guidance Office.  After dialing 953-5203 you enter the teacher's voicemail number.  If you don't know their number, follow the prompts for entering the teacher's last and first name.  Give them at least a days notice before picking up the work.




14-15 Guidance AML Assign.pdf
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1st Qtr. Junior Bulletin.pdf
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ACT Information 12-13.pdf
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Feb14  Sr  Bulletin.pdf
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Feb15  Sr  Bulletin.pdf
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Financial Aid.pdf
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Missouri Connections.pdf
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November Senior Bulletin.pdf
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Rolling College slides.pdf
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